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Web hosting
Through my hosting partner HostingUK, I can provide everything you need to get your web presence up and running on the Internet.

Domain name registration
The first step to getting on line is choosing a domain name. The domain name you choose says a lot about you, so you should choose it carefully. Obviously, you can't use a domain which is already taken - click here to check that the domain you want is still available.

Unlimited email addresses
Once you've registered your domain, you'll be able to send and receive email through it. There is no limit to the number of email addresses you can have to meet your business requirements. E.g. if you have registered, you might have, or We can show you quickly and easily how to send and receive mail through a web browser, through applications like Microsoft Outlook and on your mobile or tablet, and how to organise your incoming emails into different folders so that your inbox doesn't get cluttered. If you have employees, each employee can have their own dedicated email address e.g. If you have a team of employees in an office, we can distribute the incoming emails directly to their devices using Microsoft Exchange Server.

Unlimited web and data space
How much web space you need depends, obviously, on how big your web site is. If you need only a few pages with one or two pictures, you'll need very little web space. But if you have lots of pages with lots of pictures or on-line documents, you'll need much more. E.g. if you want to show an on-line product catalogue, you'll probably want to include a picture of each item - this sort of site gets very big very quickly. Don't worry that you might run out of space - extra capacity can be purchased at any time. If you need a very big site (maybe you want to run your entire business on the web) you can even have your own dedicated server.

Most companies these days use the Internet for eCommerce in one form or another. Whether you're looking for a simple form where people can register their interest in your products and services, a full-blown on-line order processing system like Amazon, or anything in between, we can set it up for you. If you want people to buy your goods directly from your site, we can help you set up a credit card acceptance facility with PayPal. For added security, we can set up an SSL certificate for you to ensure that your sensitive data can't be compromised. We can integrate your site with a database such as Microsoft SQL Server so that you can keep track of your stock inventory.

Mobile computing
Mobile phones have come a long way since the bricks of the early 90s, and almost all of the modern ones can access the Internet in one way or another. We can help you integrate mobiles into your domain in a variety of ways ranging from simple SMS text message notification every time something important happens all the way up to full mobile apps for Android and Apple devices.

If you've got a fairly decentralised organisation, maybe with lots of home workers, a Microsoft SharePoint solution will probably be of benfit to you. We can help you create a single place to share and manage all of your team information such as calendars, tasks, and lists, and better manage your document creation and review with document versioning and check-in/check-out. You can even keep your teams connected through integration with products like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, which can be accessed directly from any device with an Internet connection.

Monthly stats
Once you're up and running on the web, you'll want to know as much as you can about the people visiting your site. We can provide a full monthly report which tells you how many visits your site has had, which pages have been visited, what has been downloaded from your site, where your visitors are in the world, what software they're using, and how they've found your site.